How to Activate Big Brother Channel 198 on DSTV Decoder


How to Activate Big Brother Channel 198 on DSTV Decoder

Big Brother Naija

Ready not to miss any action on the on going reality television show – Big Brother Naija 2018? Here is a simple way to activate the show on your DSTV decoder to enjoy all the fun.

Make sure you subscribe to the Compact or Premium bouquet for you to have access to the BBA channels. The channels bring audiences live 24/7 coverage from the Big Brother TV reality show.

If you are subscribed to the DsTV Access and Family bouquets, you may not be able to watch the 24/7 coverage but you can watch highlight packages of the game show on DStv channels Africa Magic, Africa Magic World.

How Can I Activate BBA Channel 197 and 198?

If you have subscribed to DsTV Compact Plus or the DsTV Premium bouquet,

==> Tune your DsTv to channel 198

==> Text “first 10 or 11 digits’ of your smartcard number to 30333.

e.g 1234567890 to 30333

A prompt message will appear. Accept and wait for some minutes before restarting your decoder.


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