3 Parts to Remove from A Junk Car Before You Sell It


3 Parts to Remove from A Junk Car Before You Sell It

3 Parts to Remove from A Junk Car Before You Sell It

Are you looking to sell your junk car for as much cash as possible? You might be tempted to simply call a junk car company and ask them to come haul your old vehicle away as soon as possible. In fact, this is what most people end up doing. So, you’re not alone. However, there’s a better way to get maximum cash out of your old clunker.

Before you let a junk yard tow your vehicle away, consider removing some of its most expensive components.You can sell these parts individually on your own, and then sell the junk car itself for extra cash on top of what you’ve already made.

To be fair, removing a bunch of individual parts from your junk car can be a bit time consuming. If you’re in a hurry and you just need fast cash, simply calling a local junk car buyer and asking them to come give you cash for your car is probably your best bet. But, if you have some time to spare and you’re handy with tools, pulling some parts from your junk car before scrapping it is a great way to ensure that you’re getting a serious amount of cash out of it. And, in some cases, you don’t even need to be mechanically inclined in order to remove certain parts.

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Here’s a list of the top three parts you should consider removing from your junk car before you sell it.

1. Battery

If you’ve ever peeked under the hood of a junk car, you may have found a battery that’s seen better days. We’ve definitely seen some batteries that were more rust than anything else: we’re talking major corrosion here. Many junk cars have dead batteries, and a dead battery is more of a disposal liability than anything else.

That said, some batteries are actually still in very good condition. If a battery can still be used and you own another vehicle which uses the same type of battery, consider saving it for future use. Or, if not, you can usually take a battery to a junk yard and sell it on its own.

2. Tires

Are the tires on your junk car still in decent shape? If so, they can be sold on their own to a used tire shop. The junk yard’s tow truck will be coming out to pick up your vehicle, so you won’t need a pair of tires on it in order to drive it to the local scrap yard. Don’t forget about the rims on your tires, either: they can be worth some cash on their own if they’re in good condition and were pretty pricey to begin with.

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3. Stereo system

Does your junk car have a stereo system in it? If you ever upgraded your audio system from the factory one that came with your vehicle, it can be worth a good chunk of cash when sold on its own as a used item. This is true for the stereo head (the part that sits in your car’s dash and allows you to control the system) as well as any extra speakers or subwoofers you may have installed in your vehicle.

Once you’ve pulled those valuable parts out of your vehicle, you’re ready to call a junk car buyer. Rusty’s Auto Salvage  works nationwide and pays more than anyone else in your area for junk cars. Visit our website for a fast, free quote.


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