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I’m Not Going To Loose My Copyright Case, Timaya Is Scared – Edimore JB

Kick-start music head honcho, Edimore JB, is no doubt one of the biggest name in Taraba State Entertainment Industry. Of late, he has been on the news for accusing DM Records boss, Timaya for copyright theft. In an interview with Hameed, Edimore JB clears the air and explained why he accused Timaya and still insisted on taking him to court

Read full interview below;

1. Mr Edimore JB, how are you doing today?

“I am fine Thank U”

2. Can you please tell us more about yourself and how your music dream started?

“I am Edwin L. Banlav aka Edimore..JB The Love Establisher
From Gembu Living In Jalingo Of Taraba Nigeria
With My Mom, My Father is late
I started My Music in the Church When I Was 5 years old But Started Recording Music In 2006.”

3. What inspired you to start music?

“My Love and passion for music inspired me to start making good music. I shared a room with my very caring elder brother who plays RnB music from dusk to dawn and each time I listen to them I feel like I should be the one people are listening to.”

4. Do you intend to take your music career to the next level? What are your plans?

“Yes I do intend to take music to a higher level and make the world a better place.

My plans are to record meaningful songs that can stand the Test Of Time
Encourage, Educate and Enlighten My Listeners
Therefore I am working on My Album Titled “Mystery Of Time”

You’ll get more of that From My Upcoming Album M.O.T which is highly Anticipating. It Defines the Kind Of Music I Do. My Management Is Ready To Promote This Album To The Ends Of The World.

We Will Launch It, Promote it on Social Media, Upload it on line and sell the CDs as well.”

5. There has been rumours of you accusing Timaya of copyright theft, is that really true?

“Absolutely True”

6. Which song of yours did he copy please?

“”Balance ce” Is the song that was copied by Timaya”

7. Well, we also heard that you and some group of people are preparing to take the case to court, how true?

“That’s true, no doubt about it”

8. Some few members in a whatsApp group named “Taraba celebrities” said theres no lyrical or rhythmic resemblance and that you are just an attention seeker looking for cheap promo. What do you have to say?

“That’s not true, because it was even my Friends who started to call me and ask if I have heard Timaya’s new song balance
I said no, then one of them called Don Jerry said listen to it because I think is a clear copy of your song “Balance ce” and when I listen to it men I found out that it was true because of the following reasons
However, If they don’t see others do
I’m sure the ones that do are not deaf or are they attention seekers??
Timaya titled his Song ‘balance’ and is pronouncing it “Balance’ce” before now google only refer to me as the Owner of Balance ce
My song Balance ce is a Call and Respond. Timaya made his own a Call and Respond too
He however when forward to give the same space before pronouncing the words Balance ce instead Of Balance as to the tittle of his song
Moreover using the same tune as to my song Balance ce but on a different instrumentals.

It’s very unfortunate that some people who claim to know music will listen to the Two songs and say there’s no similarities in any way
However today is me and tomorrow will be one of them. Please remember that I wasn’t looking for any cheap popularity according to them however It will interest u to know that M.O.T will give birth to a New me better than Balance ce watch out”

9. What if you loose the case in court and Timaya now files in a counterclaim? What do you think will happen?

“I am not going to loose the case, however I think Timaya is even scared of the Case ,,,, because sources have it that he is aware”

10. Are you in this fight alone or do you have people supporting you?

“I wasn’t even the one who decided to take Timaya to court. The good people who felt it’s wrong for Timaya to copy my Song suggested that the right thing should be done and I considered it. So am not alone in the struggle.”

11. What do you to say to your fans out there?

“My Fans should stay connected, keep anticipating M.O.T
I am going to give them good music better than Balance ce
Therefore they should watch out and follow me on update about my Case with Timaya on all my social media platforms
Perhaps my decision might change . Since I am now signed to a New Label and no Longer take decisions on my own like when I was in Kick-Start-Music Thank You”

12. Alright Mr Edimore Jb. Thank you very much for your time

“The pleasure is mine any time any day Mr. Bustrendz. Hope u are going to download and Promote my Album Sir ?”

13. Sure I will. Have a nice day sir

Thank You.

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